Select Wolfgang Puck K-Cups Discontinued

Green Mountain Coffee acquired the Wolfgang Puck Coffee K-Cuplineup in 2010, as part of a larger acquisition of the Van Houtte coffee brand.  Over the next few weeks, Green Mountain will begin to transition the Wolfgang K-Cup products, and will be eliminating seven of the brands least popular items, including:

Production of these items will be discontinued, and are now available while supplies last.


The items that will remain in production are Breakfast in Bed, Chefs Reserve Colombian Dark, Chefs Reserve Colombian DECAF Medium, Crème Caramel, and Jamaica Me Crazy.

So Long Savvy, Hello Every Day Savings!

In May 2010, when we introduced the Savvy Shopper Discount®, we knew we had found something special; a chance for customers to buy their favorite coffee or tea K-Cup® packs in bulk to get the lowest pricing available.  As we expected, our customers loved the new program, but many had the same comment.

“I love the Savvy Shopper Discount, but wish I didn’t have to buy so much at once to get the low pricing.”

Well America, we have heard your cries.  Starting today, November 30, 2011 – the Savvy Shopper Discount® will be coming to an end.  But this is not a sad day, because our pricing per box has been adjusted to give you terrific every day savings!

From $15.98 per box, down to $13.32 (the same amount you had been paying after bulk buying before), and no special codes to enter or minimums to purchase, no special rules or regulations to remember, or math to decipher in your head.  Just plain, simple, great pricing for every box of K-Cup® packs you want to purchase.

And our Free Shipping offer is pretty terrific too – an order of 4 or more boxes will ship for free, via UPS Ground.  Smaller orders, and those shipped outside of the domestic US, pay only our discounted shipping rate.

Odd News in the World of Coffee

Poll: 65% in U.S. drink coffee daily

13 cups is the weekly average

A poll released by 7-Eleven Inc. in conjunction with National Coffee Day (Sept. 29) says that 65 percent of Americans drink coffee every day, many within an hour of waking up.

The coffee-drinkers in the survey said they consume an average of 13 cups a week, and 60 percent agreed with the statement, “I need a cup of coffee to start my day.”

In other results:

  • 28 percent of the coffee drinkers had their first cup within 15 minutes of awakening, and 68 percent within the hour.
  • 57 percent added sugar or another sweetener to their brew.
  • 54 percent agreed with the statement, “Coffee makes me feel more like myself.”

Another National Coffee Day poll, this one from Dunkin’ Donuts, identified which professions self-identified as most likely to need morning coffee to be productive. The top three were: scientist/lab technician, marketing/public relations professional and education administrator.

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Timothy’s K-Cups Leaving US Wholesale/eTailer in the Dust for Exclusive Canadian Distribution

Limited quantities still available at has received word from representatives of Green Mountain Coffee, a major Keurig K-Cup manufacturer, that effective September, 2011 all Timothy’s 22/24 count K-Cups will no longer be available for sale in the United States to wholesale customers.

In a letter dated August 15, 2011, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters states:

“Effective September 9, 2011 Timothy World Coffee K-Cup portion pack beverage varieties will no longer be available in the wholesale channel in the United States. This will enable us to offer a more consistent supply of products that best meet customer demand under the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR), Specialty Coffee Business Unite (SCBU) family of brands.”

Per the Green Mountain announcement, Emeril’s Keurig K-Cup lineup, and the popular Timothy’s Kahlua Original Coffee K-Cup are exempt from this discontinuation notice.

It has been stated that the changes in product availability are necessary to simplify business by “offering a consistent supply of products that best meet consumer demand.”

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So Hard to Say Goodbye to Discontinued K-Cups

In a letter from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we learned today that 23 Keurig K-Cup SKUs/products will be discontinued from production as soon as August 1, 2011. Green Mountain claims removing these products from their line-up will eliminate redundancies and allow the roaster to offer a more consistent supply.

As of August 1, 2011, the following Keurig K-Cups will no longer be in production, and are now available in limited supply.

Suggested Replacement(s)
- Orange & Spice Tea
- Organic Green Tea
- N/A
- DECAF French Roast
- French Roast
- Diedrich Variety Pack
- N/A
- N/A

CS – Celestial Seasonings
GJ – Gloria Jean’s
GMC – Green Mountain Coffee
TIM – Timothy’s
FT – Fair Trade
FTO – Fair Trade Organic